Apple Watch Sketchpad

Now that the Apple Watch is out I figured there may be a need to create sort of sketchpad for it. I’m sure there are many others like this out there but I wanted something of my own. A few years back when the iPad came out I made a similar printout and it ended…


Panda UI Kit |Freebie|

Who doesn’t love a Panda? I wanted to put together a quick UI kit that showed that love. This is a flat based design with minimal shadows and gradients. I’ve done what I can to give it a little iOS 7 love as well. So it very well could be used in just about any…


Flat AP UI Kit |Freebie|

I have been up and down as far as busy with work lately. I decided to sit down and spend an hour or so to create another UI Kit that would fit within my current personal portfolio site. I do still plan on making a dark version of my Light and Deep Kit, but that’s…


Bringing back the Freelance!

Over the past oh let’s say two years I have been rather proactive about saying no to freelance work. I’ve been busy with a few things, last October I was getting married so the months leading up to that lovely occasion were full of planning, designing, ensuring said designs were printed correctly, etc etc.

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