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The idea behind this design and freebie was to create a super simple responsive layout for mobile apps, hence “Simplus.” I wanted a design that would make the app design the focal point, letting the content be the star, not the website.

In this download you have the completely editable Photoshop file along with screenshots of each color theme. I’ve included 5 different themes, nothing special but some base colors to get you started if need be. Nothing is rasterized, all done in shape layers and smart objects, so you have total freedom to do what you wish with it.


The image below is a modal for a contact or whatever you may need as a “second page.” I did’t want a navigation bar so I thought for most cases this will be a great solution to driving the user from the main screen. This is also based on a responsive layout and can be done with such frameworks as Twitter Bootstrap.




A Senior Art Director and User Interface Designer at Deloitte Digital | Übermind Studios Denver. Pushing pixels and creating some badass mobile applications.

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